Urutan member snsd tercantik

Urutan member snsd tercantik
Date : 20 september 2012 By : rahmi sari marina daulay
.. This is my opinion cingu .. lets go know ..

i just member snsd beautifful all , but i have sequence...
so dont angry if your favorit be in last  posision ..

ok ! :)


 yonna snsd most beautifful than more ,, see smile and  lines of his face is ferfect woman .. he was one of members who did not plastick sugery . so many people like that .. and than she populer korean korea .

Yoona has appeared in several music videos and commercials. She gained a minor role in the Korean drama, 9 Ends 2 Outs (9회말 2아웃) and won a major role in a new drama, You Are My Destiny. In this drama, Yoona portrays a girl who was once blind. You Are My Destiny has the highest rating and number of viewers for daily dramas in its time slot, beating other per popular dramas from major Korean networks, MBC and SBS.[not in citation given] Yoona has been accepted by Dongguk University and will continue her studies. On February 10, 2009 YoonA was spotted at her High School Graduation.

2. Seohyun 

im thinking she very beautifuly than more , she cute and friendly . so i like she . smart singer and smart student .. maknae in snsd but  adult nature and attentin to onnie :) you are my favorit member in snsd ..

3 Tiffany 

tiffany in number 3 , she populer with eye smile and face good . colour skin white and have group with seohyun and taeyeon named group TTS taetiseo .. i think she beautifful but she many antifans .. fighting tiffany ,, :)

Tiffany was raised in Diamond Bar, California and is fluent in English. She was discovered in the SM Starlight Casting System 2004 in Los Angeles and began her training under the label until the debut of Girls' Generation. Along with SeoHyun and Jessica, she released a single, "Bad Boyfriend" (오빠 나빠) and Mabinogi [It's Fantastic!].

4 Kwon yuri

yuri very sweet than all . but sorry in posision 4 . yuri have gen ferfected an have body a good . she korean model and populer ,Yuri joined the label when she took 1st place in the 2001 1st SM Youth Best Dancer Contest. She appeared in TVXQ's "Beautiful Life" music video and had a small role as a ballerina in Super Junior's first movie, Attack on the Pin-Up Boys. She also had a small role in a television segment, "The King's Boyfriend," which was part of the 2005–2006 KMTV Super Junior documentary, Super Junior Show. Yuri also played a part in the sitcom Unstoppable Marriage alongside Sooyoung.

5 jessica  


 essica was born and raised in San Francisco, California and is fluent in English. She moved to Korea when she was 11 for training. She released 2 singles alongside with SeoHyun and Tiffany: "오빠 나빠" ("Bad Oppa") and "Mabinogi (It's Fantastic!)". Jessica also starred in Jo Han Kim's music video "Love is Late, I'm Sorry" and Super Junior M's 'Super Girl'.

6 Sooyong

7 Taeyeon


   8 sunny


9 hyeyeon